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Omdan Advisory+Action is founded by Dan Kristian Kristensen and offers guidance and assistance on your innovation journey into the world of sustainability and circular economy. 


Dan is a sustainability geek and a passionate circular economy thinker.

His geeky’ness shows in a deep knowledge about earth system science - aka the environmental trouble we are facing on this planet. Knowing the facts helps him appreciate the opportunities to change course and identify the most impactful actions to take.

Dan has studied sustainable future making and the emergence of the circular economy for about a decade now. He did his PhD (Aarhus University, department of Agroecology) at the intersection of the fields of agro-ecology and science and technology studies (STS). He is therefore skilled in systems thinking and in deciphering the complexities of innovation journeys.

Dan has since worked with network based innovation in the public/private sphere. He has worked closely with private companies and public institutions. Here he has gained experience in the art of facilitating cooperation and tapping into the capacity for innovation and value creation that exist at the intersection between organisations.


For Dan sustainability is a positive and highly motivating agenda. Sustainability in his mind is about the opportunities for abundance, creativity and diversity that can be unlocked through regenerative business models and cooperation.

In his mind circular economy is a game changing mindset and a toolbox that makes sustainability tangible and approachable for business. And in a situation where resources are becoming scarce and customer awareness is rising sustainability is just good business sense.

Moving the circular economy forward is about practical solutions and doing new things, with new people - this is where Omdan Advisory+Action wants to contribute.

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